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Lucky, Privileged, Grateful

Writing From: The bus from Galway to Cork, Ireland

My first day in Galway, I walked to the Spanish Arch, a popular spot for both locals and tourists to gather, relax, and people watch. The Spanish Arch was built in 1854 as part of a wall system to defend the city's quays, and are the only parts of the wall that still remain. Thus, it's a great spot to sit in the green area and enjoy old stone architecture while overlooking the river. I came here with an iced coffee and a snack, and sat for a while to reflect and watch the birds fight each other over pieces of scrap food. 

As I sat there, I remembered the woman in line before me at the passport check desk in the Dublin Airport. She looked like she was from East Asia/Pacific Islands, and had pulled out an entire manila package filled with different documents, was clearly struggling with her English, and spoke with border agent for quite a while. Finally, she was let through, and I was next up. I flashed a smile to the customs lady…

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